Is Preventive Dentistry Worth the Effort and Time?

Think of your most prized possession, would you rather keep it in great shape or have it break then fixed? The same applies to our bodies. Prevention is something most health initiatives are focused on. Whether it’s your teeth or another part of your body, it’s important to protect what we have and prevent it from becoming damaged. Preventive dentistry includes a number of procedures that we can take advantage of to protect teeth. [...]

The Benefits of Dental Deep Cleaning

While dental deep cleaning sounds like a complicated procedure, it’s really not. It’s what every person should get if they haven’t been to their annual checkups at the dentist. If you want to keep your teeth clean and maintain your dental hygiene, you should make sure to go to your dentist every 6 months. During these visits, the dentist will clean your teeth and remove built up plaque. Those who keep missing these [...]

The Value of Dental Regular Exams and Cleanings

One of the unfortunate facts of the world is that most people don’t like going to the dentist and will do all they can to avoid it. Convincing people of the importance of dental regular exams and cleanings is difficult when most will only decide to go to the dentist if they’re symptomatic. The American Dental Association recommends that people should go for dental regular exams and cleanings twice a year or once [...]

Why You Should Get White Dental Fillings

Many patients are familiar with dental fillings but aren’t aware that there are different types. There are what we can call white dental fillings and metal dental fillings. Before we can begin discussing the different types, it’s important to know what fillings are used for. Dental fillings are used by dentists all over the world to treat dental cavities. The type of filling you get should depend on the location of the affected [...]