Laser Therapy Dentistry Uses

Laser therapy has been used in dentistry since 1989. Using laser therapy is great at treating a number of dental conditions with minimal discomfort. The instrument used creates a focused beam of light energy that can then be aimed at certain parts of the mouth. It’s often used to remove tissues or reshape them. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, approved laser therapy as a method of treatment in dentistry. Dr. Shaggy has the [...]

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How Laser Dentistry Boosts Dental Procedures

Since the 90s, the laser has been a good friend of the field of dentistry. Laser dentistry is a good way to perform dental procedures more effectively without causing harm to the patients. In fact, the laser has been approved by the FDA as a form of dental treatment, making it even more popular in the field than ever. Laser dentistry brings you even more benefits than traditional dentistry, owing to the fact [...]

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