Different Options for Teeth Straightening

In the modern day, patients have a lot of options for teeth straightening to choose from. They can go with the classic options which is braces, or they can opt for clear aligners like those made by Invisalign. Before you can choose, you have to at least have a general idea on each of these things. That’s why our goal is to give you some information and details on the different options for [...]

Tooth Reshaping: What You Need to Know

Humans are not perfect, and sometimes, there could be minor defects that will ruin your otherwise perfect teeth. If these defects are getting on your nerve and you would like to remove them, there is a good and efficient way to do so and it’s through tooth reshaping procedures. The tooth shaping procedure, also called tooth contouring procedure, is a simple procedure which aims at inducing small changes to your teeth so as [...]

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