Sports Dentistry and Why it’s Important

Sports dentistry is the branch that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental sports injuries. When we think of sports injuries, most of us think of damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints. Dental injuries, however, are also common among all athletes in various sports. Almost a quarter of all dental injuries are due to sports. Whether you’re a professional player in one of the major leagues or a young athlete, you need [...]


Is Preventive Dentistry Worth the Effort and Time?

Think of your most prized possession, would you rather keep it in great shape or have it break then fixed? The same applies to our bodies. Prevention is something most health initiatives are focused on. Whether it’s your teeth or another part of your body, it’s important to protect what we have and prevent it from becoming damaged. Preventive dentistry includes a number of procedures that we can take advantage of to protect teeth. [...]