While it’s true that some dental procedures can be a bit painful, pain free dentistry is pretty much the norm nowadays. Dental procedures are much less painful now, and there are plenty of ways to muffle your pain, to the point that you might not even remember the entire procedure at all! This article will let you in on everything you need to know about pain free dentistry!

Almost every kid is afraid of the dentist for fear of pain. While it’s certainly true that every kid grows older, the fear of pain when going to the dentist can still linger in their mind, making dentist appointments a bit more terrifying than they should be.

Why Do You Feel Pain After a Dental Procedure?

Dental procedures are generally not painful, and if they are, there could be other factors that come into play, including:

  • Old machinery: Modern dental machines are designed to be much more efficient than relics of the past, which could take too long and inflict pain on you. With contemporary machines and innovations like a laser, dental procedures will take much less time and will finish before you could even notice it.
  • Bad anesthesia procedure: Sometimes, you could be feeling pain because your dentist botched at the anesthesia procedure. Either they did not give you enough dosage of anesthesia or bad anesthesia.

In the past, when dental procedures were still very underdeveloped, dental pain was more common than it is now. With how far modern technology has advanced, you have plenty of tools to help you overcome pain from dental procedures!

How Dentists Perform Pain Free Dentistry

Pain free dentistry is performed with the help of various anesthetic procedures, which will numb a part of your tooth when you are going through the procedures. Here are some anesthetic procedures:

  • Anesthesia through inhalation: Your dentist will prepare a nitrous oxide, better known as the laughing gas. After you inhale the gas, you will be relaxed and calm. The pain will be dulled.
  • Anesthesia through oral pills: Additionally, your dentist could prepare a pill beforehand for you to swallow before the procedure. The pill will be noticeably stronger than the gas.
  • Anesthesia through injection: If you really want to forget about the pain, anesthesia through IV injection is the choice for you. In terms of anesthetic effects, this kind of injection is probably the most potent, save for general anesthesia.

With these forms of anesthesia, you will be very relaxed and the procedures could go on without you feeling anything!

Understandably, everyone is afraid of pain. However, with the help of pain free dentistry, your routine dental procedures will not be so painful as you imagine them to be. With the right help, you will be able to get rid of all those imperfections while not feeling any pain at all! For more details on our pain free dentistry service, don’t hesitate to contact us at Modern Bites Dentistry now!