Think of your most prized possession, would you rather keep it in great shape or have it break then fixed? The same applies to our bodies. Prevention is something most health initiatives are focused on. Whether it’s your teeth or another part of your body, it’s important to protect what we have and prevent it from becoming damaged.

Preventive dentistry includes a number of procedures that we can take advantage of to protect teeth. It’s particularly important for children since they’re more vulnerable to dental caries. Nonetheless, adults can benefit from preventive dentistry too.

Regular Exams and Cleanings

Visiting our office regularly for exams and cleanings is one of the most important things you can do for your dental health. During these visits, Dr. Shaggy will examine your teeth and assess their condition. If any cavities are starting to form, they can be dealt with before they grow. Treating minor issues is easier than waiting for them to manifest and get worse.

During exams, patients are also screened for oral cancer. The risk of oral cancer increases with certain infections, smoking, and drinking too much alcohol. Having these risk factors doesn’t mean you’ll certainly get oral cancer, it just increases your risk. By inspecting and palpating all areas of the mouth, we can start to investigate any suspicious areas we find.

Cleanings are important parts of these regular visits. Using special tools in the office, we can remove built up plaque and tartar. Letting these accumulate can increase your risk of gum inflammation and periodontal disease. Unfortunately, they can’t be removed at home no matter how hard you brush your teeth.

According to the latest recommendations, each adult needs to see their dentist twice a year or once every 6 months. Children might have to visit a dentist more frequently. These visits are regular visits so you should keep up with them even if you don’t have any dental symptoms or issues.

Dental Sealant and Fluoride Treatments

Dental sealant is made of composite resin. It’s used to fill grooves present on hind teeth. This is primarily done in children. Bacteria can accumulate in these grooves and replicate. By sealing them, we take away potential hiding spots for bacteria. It’s completely safe but may have to be repeated in children since dental sealants last about 5 years.

Fluoride is an important mineral for teeth as it strengthens them and stops ongoing decay. In fluoride treatments, teeth are exposed to high concentrations of fluoride in a short period of time. These are also valuable in children and can be done in adults. We don’t recommend performing these treatments at home. Using too much fluoride can permanently damage teeth. The correct dose has to be calculated based on weight and age.

Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good is Dr. Shaggy’s priority. Preventive dentistry is dedicated to preserving your natural teeth. Despite our recent advances in dentistry, nothing compares to natural teeth in terms of appearance and strength. To find out more about our preventive procedures and regular visits, give us a call.