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Frisco’s Dental Blog

Are you looking for a world-class dentist in or near Frisco, Texas? At Modern Bite Dentistry, your smile is our priority. A beautiful, bright smile can not only open doors at a professional level, but studies show that those with near-perfect smiles are more outgoing, self-confident, and successful. The majority of dental problems are related to inadequate dental hygiene. It is common to have swelling in gums; however, they are seriously uncomfortable and painful for children as well as adults. In our blog, we’ll try to address some of the most common conditions and complications associated with your dental health. With that said it is essential to point out that this is very general information and should not be considered medical advice. Overall the content on our entire website is provided for general information which you should discuss with your dentist or doctor. Please give us a call at (214) 214-7790 or email us at [email protected] for a free, no-obligation consultation with Frisco’s premier dentist, Dr. Shahriela Ganjoor, DMD.

Veneers for Brighter Smiles

Dentistry is more than just fixing damaged teeth and filling cavities. One of the major branches is cosmetic dentistry. It includes a variety of procedures and things that can be done to improve the appearance of teeth. Veneers are one of the most important elements of cosmetic dentistry. Many people get darker teeth as they grow old. Others have chipped or cracked teeth due to dental conditions or trauma. With veneers, and other cosmetic [...]

How Teeth Whitening Works and Things to Know

Interested in a brighter smile? Teeth whitening is now one of the most popular dental procedures. Dr. Shaggy performs them regularly and has all the experience and tools to perform them with great results. There’s nothing naïve or vain about wanting a brighter smile. Our smiles affect how we go about the world. When we’re confident about the way we look, it reflects in how we act and our body language. Now that we [...]